First Date tips

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Excited and thrilled to be going on a date with your online admirer? Here are our top tips to get you through.

1. When to pop the big question "would you like to go out on a date"?

This question is quite ambiguous in nature. Sometimes it's good to ask early on in the first few conversations if you click straight away. Most times it's best left for when you get to know your potential partner a bit better online, once you've built up common ground and understanding.

2. Safety

This is our number one priority be sure to do your due diligence. Don't feel pressured into meeting someone in person if you are not comfortable just decline. If in doubt bottle out!
If you do intend to meet be sure to let family members or a friend know where you are going and maintain regular contact. More information can be found on our safety and rules page at

3. Where to go

A traditional date out for dinner or you can go for alternative activities such as a walk, take a trip to a museum, cooking class or ramp it up with a fun day extravaganza. Whatever you choose It needs to be an activity that gives you the opportunity to get to know each other. Don't choose an activity where you are unable to speak i.e. A theatre or screen play as this defeats the objective. Ensure it's what you enjoy that's important, that way you can be more relaxed and focused on the date and connect. If you do find yourself getting something to eat this can be a great opportunity to be socially intimate. According to researcher Paul Rozin from Columbia University, Tom and Lucy are sharing some cheese fries, they may not be thinking anything other than how amazing cheese fries are. But in reality, they are creating a stronger, more comfortable bond with each other that has potential to evolve into a more serious relationship.

4. What to wear

Be creative express yourself don't hold back you only have 1 shot at this. Studies have been done on men and women to determine the impact on what you wear, colour choices and style. These all say much about who you are. Also believe it or not, how you dress can be what determines if your date will be a successful one or not. You do not have to buy a whole new outfit but try to buy something new to wear as wearing something new gives the wearer a sense of ownership to what they are wearing and this vibe will be picked up by your date. Alternatively check in with a friend and show them what you’re thinking of wearing, and colours to go. Be sure to do your research.  

5. Be yourself

Do not change who you are as the purpose is to get to know each other. This is the most valuable thing you have which is YOU! Don't short change yourself show off all those qualities. Do not represent something you are not or pretend. You are only lying to yourself. Stand for what you represent and show who you are. Believe it or not men and women find an allure with people who be themselves, stand for what they believe in and voice their opinions.

6. Avoid taboo or inappropriate conversation

Do not talk about your ex. This is a big no no and can be a big turn off. If your date asks you about your ex then this possibly may be a turnoff for you. In any event, steer clear from talking about your ex. Use appropriate language, it's a first date so get to know the person first.

7. Body language

Meeting someone for the 1st time can make you reserved and even quiet. This can give off a signal that you are not as enthusiastic about the date and can be misconstrued by your date. Your body language and attitude (swagger) is what is your greatest asset and in most cases, this is the first attraction alongside appearance. Remember confidence is highly attractive. For those who need our help check out our tips on becoming more confident below.

Confidence Tips

Practice good posture - Do not slouch as this can communicate that you lack faith in yourself.

Smile - This conveys confidence, regardless of what your're really thinking and also makes you feel good.

Eliminate negative self-talk - Pay attention to what you're saying to yourself in your mind. Every time you think something like "I can't do this", replace it with a positive statement such as "I'm going to give it my best shot".

Invest in your appearance - Whether this means buying a new outfit, getting a nice haircut, fixing dental problems or seeing an esthetician. When you look good you feel good.

Always be ready to tell a good story - Even if your life is generally quite and lacking adventure, you should always be able to answer the question "What's new?" with something other than "Not much". Confident people are good conversationalists, but it's a skill that can be acquired through practice... like most things in life.

8. Pay for the date

Everyone is equal however he should pay for the date. Men, be the alpha and women please allow him to be the alpha. Him paying shows that he enjoys spending time and wants to take care of you and you are worth more than a fist full of dollars. However, if she insists and doesn't allow you to pay respect her values and reasoning for this.

9. Plan your next date

During the date you can pull out all the stops and start to plan your next date. Find out if there is a place your date has always wanted to go and plan it with them.
If all goes well finish with a small kiss. Now, there's no strict rule on when this should happen on the date but be conventional and make it happen.

10. Follow up text Important!

Text to say you arrived home safely or a follow up text before you go to sleep to say you’re thinking of them and good night. Also, you may want to thank her/him for the date.

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Happy dating and keep safe